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Aloes are a well loved and well known succulent. Aloe vera or Medicine Plant if perhaps the most common as it is often recommended for medicinal use in herbal remedies. Please be sure to use only Aloe vera for this purpose as Aloes have some toxic properties that can cause skin irritation.

Aloe care -

Location- If indoors place plant in a bright sunny location. If out doors place in a location with just a little protection from direct, hot, afternoon sunshine in the summer. Make sure to protect from heavy rain outdoors.

Container- It is best to plant in a container with drainage and to use a well drained potting media, such as our Miller Plant Farm Potting Mix or Organic Mechanics Cacti and Succulent Blend.

Watering-Aloes require infrequent watering. Water when the soil is dry. Don't allow to sit wet, allow soil to dry down between watering's. 

Aloe vera- 1-2' tall and 1-2' wide at maturity. Yellow Bloom in Spring to Summer. Native to Asia. 

Aloe rauhii  'White Fox'-  Small, clumping aloe that grows 6-8" tall. Pink Bloom. Discovered in cultivation.

Aloe 'Pink Blush'- Small, clumping aloe that grows up to 1' tall. Orange flowers in Winter/Spring. Native to South Africa.

Aloe mitrformis 'Austere'- Small clumping Aloe that grows 6-8" Tall. Orange Flowers in Mid to Late Summer.  Native to South Africa.

Aloe/Gasteraloe 'Midnight'- 8-12" tall and 12" wide. Orange Flower in winter or spring. Hybrid origin.

Aloe ferox- 6-8' tall and 3-5' wide at maturity. Orange-Red Bloom in Fall/Winter. Native to South Africa.

 Aloe humilis- 1' tall, clump forming. Orange-Red Blooms in Winter/Spring. Native to South Africa.


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