Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Our CSA provides you with a means of purchasing fresh food from your friendly farm family at Miller Plant Farm. Unfortunately, the economics of today's modern food system have evolved into quality-last models involving large "factory" style farms employing many poor practices such as forced ripening and shipping produce large distances to your family's table.

When purchasing produce locally, you can rest assured that your produce is being grown using acceptable techniques you are accustomed to, and being harvested at the optimum time of taste and nutritional value, by people you know and trust.

By making an effort to purchase food locally, you support local agriculture which preserves open space in your community, keeps local family farms viable, and keeps spending power in our local economy.

2024 Season Important Dates
Share Type Start Date End Date Pickup Day/Time
Complete Season Small Share 6/18/24 10/29/24


Complete Season Full Share 6/19/24 10/30/24 Wednesdays
Summer Season Small Share 6/18/24  8/20/24 Tuesdays
Summer Season Full Share 6/19/24  8/21/24 Wednesdays
Fall Season Small Share 8/27/24 10/29/24 Tuesdays
Fall Season Full Share 8/28/24 10/30/24 Wednesdays


The 2024 CSA season is open for purchase from Summer 2023 through April 21, 2024. Complete season CSA purchases received by December 30, 2023 with cash or check (in-store or mailed payments, excludes online purchase) will be given a discount equivalent to one free week. Please visit our store to take advantage of this discount. You can also click here to be directed to a printable PDF that can be placed in the mail.

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