Curbside Pickup Add-On (2024)

Curbside Pickup Add-On (2024)

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Curbside pickup is an add-on for the 2024 CSA Program.

Please note:

  • CSA Curbside pickup hours are 1PM-5:30PM, on your designated pick-up day.
  • If you are unable to pick up your share on your designated day, and need to come the following day, we require a call to hold your share. Leaving a message after hours is fine. There are no curbside pick-up hours on Thursdays for late pick-ups; you will need to come inside to pick up.
  • You must be in a Curbside spot to receive your order. If you would like to come inside to purchase additional items, please move to a regular parking spot before doing so.
  • Curbside employees are not able to add items, substitute items, or take payment for any items during delivery.
  • Additional curbside orders (for items in addition to your weekly share) must be placed/paid for online by 11:59PM for next day pick-up.
  • Curbside pickup is for the duration of the season and will not be changed weekly.
  • Choices / trade table are not available for curbside pickup shares.

*Please note: you MUST be a member of our 2024 CSA Program in order to be purchase this add-on. Without an existing membership, your purchase will be void.

Complete Season: 10 weeks (6/18/24-10/29/24)
Summer Season: 6 weeks (6/18/24-8/28/24)
Fall Season: 4 weeks (9/3/24-10/30/24)


I understand that payment for a share of the Miller Plant Farm Produce CSA entitles me a share of fruits and vegetables from Miller Plant Farm and cooperating local farms. This is a commitment between myself and Miller Plant Farm produce CSA, and I recognize that I will share in the risks of the growing season along with other members and the farmer. For optimum quality and freshness every effort should be made to pick up on your scheduled day. I understand that pick-up times will be assigned based on the share I have chosen, and arrangements must be made if I am unable to pick up my share on my scheduled day. If I do not pick up my share on my scheduled day and arrangements have not been made, my share will be donated. I also understand my payment is non-refundable.

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