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Senecio are a unique and trendy succulent well loved for their use in succulent planters.

Senecio Care-

Location- If indoors place plant in a bright sunny location with direct sunlight. If plant does not get enough light indoors it can stretch or become leggy. If out doors Senecio will tolerate Full to Part Sun during the summer months.  Make sure to protect from heavy rain outdoors.

Container- It is best to plant in a container with drainage and use a well drained potting media such as out Miller Plant Farm Potting Mix or Organic Mechanics Cacti and Succulent Blend.

Senecio 'Big Bead'- 3" tall with trailing habit. Pompom Shaped Blooms in summer. Native to Namibia.

Senecio 'Blue Chalk Sticks'-12" tall and 2-3' wide at maturity. White flower in summer. Native to South Africa.

Senecio 'String of Pearls'- 3" tall with trailing habit. White blooms in Summer. Native to Africa.

Senecio 'String of Banana's'- 3" tall with trailing habit. White blooms in summer. Native to Africa.

Senecio 'String of Dolphin's'- 6" tall with trailing habit. White blooms in summer. Hybrid.

Senecio 'Ruby Necklace'- 6" tall with trailing habit.  Native to South Africa.


Houseplant-Bright Direct Light Succulents

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