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Lampranthus is a unique bushy like succulent with beautiful flowers.

Lamranthus care -

Location- If indoors place plant in a bright sunny location. If out doors place in a location with just a little protection from direct, hot, afternoon sunshine in the summer. Make sure to protect from heavy rain outdoors.

Container- It is best to plant in a container with drainage and to use a well drained potting media, such as our Miller Plant Farm Potting Mix or Organic Mechanics Cacti and Succulent Blend.

Watering-Lamranthus  require infrequent watering. Water when the soil is dry. Don't allow to sit wet, allow soil to dry down between watering's. 

Lamranthus b'Pink Vyge'- 18*24" tall at maturity. Pink flowers in Summer. Native to South Africa.

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